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Fingertec R2 Series Redefine Security

FingerTec R2 empowers biological traits to enhance securityin your daily life, as biometrics technology is a proof of real identity.Dubbed as Fingertec's bestselling terminal for access control, the R2 series isthe ideal fingerprint system for those looking for an affordable securitycontrol with practically. With the combination of R2 and R2c, both entrancesand exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys, providing users withabsolute comfort. Fingertec R2 series also offers the most commonly used communicatingprotocols, and is equipped with an additional USB port for easy data transfer.


Fingertec R2 Series comes with the powerful software for easydata management and presentable reporting. On top of that, Fingertec R2terminals run on a Linux platform, providing flexibility to integrate firmwareand performing customized functions. Complimentary Fingertec BioBridge SDK isalso available upon request for integration with third party software.


Fingertec R2 simply redefines security with its made-easysolution.


A Variety of Verification Method

Although it’s recommended that you use fingerprintverification for more authentic attendance and access control functions, theterminal also offers options for you to verify using a card or password, oreven a combination of the two!


Precise Recognition

R2 uses minutiae matching technology that ensures onlyenrolled users are granted access. 


Complete Access Solution

Get the R2c slave exit reader to compliment your R2 accesscontrol terminal for a full door-in door-out solution!


Easy Data Management

All you need is a USB flash disk to transfer transaction logsto your computer. It is that easy!


Manage Your Data Easily

Administration is easy with the Ingress software application.Ingress allows you to remotely manage door activity of all connected terminals,while containing time attendance functions for attendance monitoring.


Built-In Alarm

Increase the security at your workplace by installing anexternal alarm and be alerted during unexpected scenarios such as break-ins andfire emergencies.


Short Message Display

Alert your staff by personalizing a short message to bedisplayed at the terminal when they verify.



Let your staff experience more independence by reportingtheir whereabouts via our workcodes feature.

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