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Online fingerprint Identification System for Time Attendance

To meet the demands of small-sized companies, OFIS TA incorporates the highly sensitive PC-based fingerprint scanner with TCMS V2 to produce an effective time and attendance system that is not only user-friendly but also fraud proof. With OFIS TA there is no complicated hardware installation required and the system can be applied to any environment that has computers. In addition to providing simple solutions to smaller sized companies, OFIS TA also can be used as enrollment stations for larger corporations that are deploying multiple units of FingerTec readers in their corporations.

OFIS TA can store as many fingerprint templates as possible depending on the storage capacity of the computer and the fingerprint templates from OFIS TA are transferable to all FingerTec readers. Therefore, the templates captured can be used as main templates and they can be transferred to select readers accordingly.

OFIS TA, a simple fingerprint solution that provides superior benefits to all FingerTec users.

BrochureUser ManualVideo GuideTechnical Tips
Combination of PIN and biometrics or ONLY biometrics verification to eliminate fraud
Fast and precise verification with FingerTec® OFIS Scanner
Allow 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint verifications
Unlimited user capacity for 1:1 fingerprint verifications; 1:N based on PC capacity
Hassle-free fingerprint registration and verification
Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints
Pentium III 450MHz or higher PC compatible processor
128MB RAM and above
30MB free disk space for TCMS V2 software, recommended 100MB or higher for database
Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Latest updates and patches for Microsoft Windows are recommended
Single OFIS TA (Standalone)
OFIS TA as Enrollment Station
AlgorithmBioBridge VX 9.0 / VX 10.0
Supporting OS32-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 732/64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
Pixel resolution512 dpi (average x, y over the scanning area)
Scan capture area17mm (width at the center), 26 mm (length)15mm x 18 mm
Scan data8-bit grayscale (256 levels of gray)
Reader size (approximate) (L x W x H), mm87 x 58 x 2445 x 78 x 40
CompatibilityUSB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 (Full speed) specifications
OS/BrowserMS Windows/ MS Internet Explorer (IE 9)
Power supply5.0V +/- 0.25V USB supply
Operating temperature (°C)0 – 400 – 55
Operating humidity (%)20 – 80 non-condensing
Standard FCC ClassFCC Class B, CE, USB
UsageIndoor, home and office us

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