EAP320 AC1200

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AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP320

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Speeds of up to 1.2Gbps over concurrent dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO and TurboQAM technologies

Airtime Fairness, Beamforming, and Band Steering Technologies guarantee optimal RF performance for business-level applicationsVigRx Plus Sexual Enhancement

Free EAP Controller Software lets administrators easily manage hundreds of EAPs

Captive portal provides a convenient method for guest authentication

Power over Ethernet (802.3at) support and simple mounting design allow for flexible deployment and convenient installation

AC1200 Speed

Offer the Genuine Business-Class

Wi–Fi Experience


Breakthrough Wi-Fi

Speeds Ensure a True

Business-Class Experience

The combination of next generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi and advanced MIMO and TurboQAM technology allows EAP Series devices to offer an unbeatable Wi-Fi experience.

The EAP330 provides the ultimate Wi-Fi experience, reaching speeds of up to 1.9Gbps, including 600 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz band.

Powerful Hardware Ensures Excellent Performance

Excellent Wi-Fi Performance

for Business Environments

Broadcom enterprise-class chipsets offers outstanding enterprise-grade performance, resulting in longer spans of stable operation and larger client capacities.

The dedicated high-power amplifier, professional antenna, and well-designed RF shield ensure excellent wireless performance. Link aggregation combines two wired connections to double throughput and provide a redundant link for Internet access.*

Advanced RF Technologies Guarantee Optimal Performance

Airtime Fairness

Airtime Fairness improves total Wi-Fi throughput by limiting access time for low speed devices.

Band Steering

Band Steering pushes dual-band devices to the wider and faster 5GHz band, improving overall network performance, especially in high client density environments.

Beamforming Technology

Beamforming Technology achieves superior Wi-Fi bandwidth utilization and increases Wi-Fi range by creating efficient, highly targeted Wi-Fi connections

EAP Controller SoftwareFertilaid Fertility Products

Easy for Centralized Management

TP-LINK's free and easy-to-use EAP Controller Software allows users to manage and monitor hundreds of TP-LINK EAPs in multiple sites with the controller in a single location. The ability to control, adjust, and visualize the entire network from any connected PC makes centralized business Wi-Fi management more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

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Captive Portal

Efficient Guest Authentication

Captive portal provides one convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests. A captive portal requires users to perform certain actions before network access is allowed. The required action must be verified by an external portal server or customized database by the administrator, which can be simply viewing and agreeing to an acceptable use policy, or entering a user ID and password.

Easy Mount Design and PoE

Flexible Deployment

The EAP's low profile design and easy mount chassis make it easy to install the device on any wall or ceiling surface and allow it to blend in with most interior decorating styles. EAP series APs support Power over Ethernet (PoE), making deployment effortless and flexible.


Designed for Business Performance

Applicable to Multi-user Environment

With breakthrough 11AC speed, business-grade Wi-Fi performance, easy-to-use Centralized management software, efficient captive portal function, low profile design and PoE support feature, the new EAP 320/330 series are more capable of serving the high-density, most demanding business environments, including schools, hotels, and enterprises.

For an EAP product, it's essential that the software control panel is easily accessible, speedy, and simple to use. The EAP320 was super simple to hook up via PoE (no power source needed!), and I had no problems getting to the software via TP-Link's website. I'm able to direct any guests to visit my home and home office to use the dedicated SSID from the EAP320, and get very detailed reports and management on exactly who is doing what on my network. The reboot schedule feature is also very handy to ensure network reliability. One star off for the lack of Mac OSX support - my home business runs on Apple computers and I had to dust off my old HP laptop to get this EAP up and running.

 With the AC500, setting up as a signal repeater was a breeze via a web browser - and unlike simpler plug-in repeaters, we were able to set up the repeated signal as a separate network with controlled bandwidth (clarification: the plug-in repeater we previously purchased also had the feature to set up as a separate SSID, but I could not get it to work). One slight downside which wasn't worth knocking a star off for, since we don't actually need it right now, is it could use at least one ethernet port in the back for additional devices like a NAS. All in all, a decent-looking and flexible device that functions as an access point, a range extender, or a WiFi client - and for our purposes, it's a very robust and feature-rich range extender that gets the job done.

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